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“I Thought Going was a Given”

Recently Brenda and I had an amazing opportunity to go on a carribian vacation with our adult kids Jon and Katie. Six days in pradise was not a hardship. The resort had some Hobie Cat sailboats you could use in the bay. One day I was out with Brenda, just the two of us zipping from one corner of the bay, then out to sea a bit, then to the other corner of the bay- making a big triangle with our route. With the power of the wind the use of the rudder, we navigated around the bay and the other boats. After 3 laps I asked if she wanted to head in to which Brenda asked if we could just hang out in the middle of the bay. Then it hit me, I could just let go of the sail, it would move into a down-wind position and we could just float, dead in the water. As this whole new option dawned on me I said to Brenda, “I thought going was a given,” We both instantly realized the Lord has reaffirmed a truth. Isaiah 30:15 says, “For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.’”

Of course we often go about our day like this, making the daily loop around the bay, checking the wind and obstacles. We naturally access our abilities and resources against our obstacles, never stopping to rest and trust. I often don’t remember to stop and just be, to pray and to seek a supernatural option. Perhaps it takes an outside voice. I am not saying Brenda is exactly like the Holy Spirit, but often she is pretty close :-). “Stop, Rest, Trust!” Maybe the Lord is saying to you, “Can we just stay here for a bit?” What do you need to hear from the Lord today? What assumptions have limited your relationships with the Him and others?

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